Welcome to the world of Bunny Lovers !
All our products are made
with passion just for you

Our sweatshirts
made with love

Our sweatshirts
made with love

The brand
for bunny lovers

Display your passion
for little bunnies loud and clear!
What better way for a mom bun
to have a warm and comfortable sweatshirt
reflecting your love for bunnies.

A brand
with unique designs

All bunny designs are unique designs
especially made for bunny lovers.
Bunny Banana shares
with you its emotion through
this passion which animates us.

Bunny banana,
a well thought-out brand

All warm and soft, our sweatshirts are comfortable.
100% VEGAN
Our sweatshirts don't contain materials of animal origin

You'll feel great in our ultra-comfortable sweatshirts.
Our sweatshirts are soft and very comfortable to wear

Our sweatshirts are breathable for even more comfort

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